Dragonstones was created by Turquoisedragon513. It is almost the same as the canon, but with different lore, new characters, and different bosses.

New FeaturesEdit

Dragons: The fan-made third race. Dragons were created by monsters when monster and human souls were artificially combined. Void powers: Powers used by some dragons. The power normally drives them crazy. Stone powers: Powers used by some dragons, shown by a stone in the dragons chest.


Bright: A Void and Stone born dragon. During any run but Genocide she is not fought. During Genocide, it is impossible to kill her, and after 10 deaths of the player, she forcefully resets the game. She is the adopted sibling of Sans and Papyrus.

Roman: A skeletal dragon. Fought during the all runs. His backstory is complex, as he was once a skeleton and a dragon, who were combined as a Algamate, then re-solidified into a new being.

Rory: Royal Guard trainee. A komodo dragon amphropromorphic monster, who is the adopted sibling of Roman.

Ruth: Fire elemental/Dragon hybrid. nervous. Only fought during Genocide.

Turquoise: smoke elemental and war veteran with a bad attitude and inferiority complex.

Casey: Human who somehow ended up in the garbage dump as a child and grew up in Mettaton's care. She plays the guitar.

Ripley: Rory's father who was believed dead for years but wasn't. He has only recently reunited with his daughter.

Shane: war criminal and dragon fire elemental hybrid.

Topaz: Ruth's pet dragonette

Void Snake: A small black serpent of unknown origin that seems to be bonded to Bright.

Starfall: Turquoise dragon with a yellow star emblem on her chest( glows trough her shirt) Uses solar magic and vanished into the void like, a gazillion years ago, but is constantly 15

Interstellar: Dream elemental, takes the form of a black dragon with white eyes, brother of Illusion, in love with Starfall and is protective of Frisk

Illusion: Nightmare elemental, take the form of a black dragon with very pale yellow eyes, has faintly purple wings, also just wears a vest and jeans, evil and weird and murderous, works with Chara.


Dragons were also banished to the underground.

The Angel prophecy has another part 'If the angel comes on wings of Dust, it will be stopped by a Dragon of Dark and Light'


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